The Psychedelic Theatre presents performance spectacles that venture beyond the expectations of everyday human experience. A sensory stimulus is flipped around, turned inside out and splashed out on what becomes a tantalising performance canvas. Visual displays range from fire, physical theatre, mime, dance, interactive performances and light shows.

The heart of The Psychedelic Theatre’s creativity lies in its collaborative nature: the group incorporates the talents of dancers, physical theatre performers, actors, choreographers, fire dancers, mimes, clowns and stilt walkers in the troupe. The effective combination of all these talents intertwined produce the innovation in entertainment that the company has become renowned for.

If you are looking for something spectacular, stylish and out of this world, you’ve come to the right place. The Psychedelic Theatre presents their carefully orchestrated works of art for events, corporate functions, festivals and weddings.  We have a variety of shows to choose from that will most certainly tantalize your senses. Take a look at our list of projects see for yourself.

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