Moonlight Invasion

Moonlight Invasions cannot simply be explained, this performance can only be experienced live. It is an invite to flee from the real world and plunge into the magic of mystery.

During itinerant parade stilt-acrobats and dance-actors glide among the crowd, creating illuminated tableau vivant (living pictures). Stilts walkers draw attention from far away. The mastery of the actors becomes a game, which interacts with adults and children. Their dance becomes a magic ritual able to lift the audience from the ground and take them into a dreamy dimension, with music and sound from the company repertoire. Before or after the parade (to be agreed depending on the type of event) the group splits and forms couples or individual characters depending on the technical structure of the costumes; these characters sneak and crawl in the various places/ locations/rooms in the event area just like a real Invasion.

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