Lanél van der Kolff is the founder and a performer of The Psychedelic Theatre. She is well known for her incredible skills with a hula-hoop but also performs with many other props. Lanel has training in modern dance and African contemporary dance and completed her BDram at the University of Stellenbosch. Her two main subjects were acting and physical theatre. She also works as a freelance actress in the film, television and theatre industry in Cape Town.




In 2010, she created her first professional physical theatre production, called Vuvuzela, which was inspired by the FIFA world cup held in South Africa. In the same year, she planted the seed that would grow into The Psychedelic Theatre. The company initially produced visual entertainment for music festivals and parties, later gaining popularity at corporate events and private functions.

Lanél toured to Europe in 2015 to perform with Italian based company, ParolaBianca. She also performed her fire and LED hoop acts at Modena and Guastalla buskers festival’s in Italy, at the Psyfi Festival in the Netherlands and at Summer Never End’s Festival in Switzerland.

The Psychedelic Theatre and ParolaBianca has since joined forces and Lanel represents Parolabianca, which has formedpart of The Psychedelic Theatre’s repertoir.



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