marvin-leeMarvin-Lee Beukes began exploring movement and physical theatre while studying drama at the University of Stellenbosch. During his first year, a friend introduced him to the art of poi, which became a welcome distraction to his studies. Poi artistry became a serious focus for Marvin, and since becoming a founding member of Psychedelic Theatre in 2010, fire performance has developed alongside his acting skills.

On the acting front Marvin has appeared in television productions like the M-net television drama League of Glory; the popular Kyknet drama Vloeksteen; the Kyknet series Byl (2014) and a role in Father (2012) his first feature film. In 2011 Marvin became involved with educational theatre, touring South African schools. Marvin thrilled Namibian audiences as part the circus-art based Vau de Ville cast (2012).

Marvin’s dogged attention to detail infuses his technique, and his sense of play innovates inimitable mastery. He’s main focus is poi and fire breathing but he has also been seen dabbling in rope dart. Outside of The Psychedelic Theatre he is part owner of Scene 3 productions, an online advertising and video production company.

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