Circle of Fire


Circle of Fire is South Africa’s first fire performers retreat, taking place at Porcupine Hills from 11 – 13 November 2016.

The first of its kind in South Africa, Circle of Fire retreat is inspired by fire festivals in Europe and the USA. The three day retreat is for anyone already involved in the fire spinning arts, from poi to hula hooping to fire breathing.

Set in the tranquil valley of Bot Rivier (close to Hermanus), Porcupine Hills ( rests in the Diepklowe Private Nature Reserve, a part of the Van der Stel cluster of conservation farms. The farm boasts rivers, private pools, short trails and birding. Sleeping options on the farm include camping, safari tents and chalets.

Activities throughout the weekend include workshops on theatre arts, performance arts and flow arts, bringing together facilitators from some of South Africas top fire and theatre performance companies Psychedelic Theatre ( and FireTribe ( The workshops are geared toward exploring body movement and storytelling as an addition to your personal flow within the flow and fire arts.

Full weekend tickets only: R1450.00 – R1850.00 (Dependant on accomm. choice)*

Venue: Porcupine Hills, Van der Stel Pass, Bot Rivier, Western Cape
Dates: 11 – 13 November
Time: Opens 6:00pm on the 11th, closes 11:30am on the 13th
*Spaces are limited. Payment plan tickets available.

Circle of Fire aims to broaden and inspire the flow art and fire performance community of South Africa, making flow and fire arts a recognized and respected movement art for all.

Basil 072 517 2012 or Sandy
For more info go to

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Rocking the Daisies.

They knocked and we rocked!

We’ve been part of the Greenpop campaign since the very beginning. I recall, the first show we did with Greenpop was around a wooden door that Misha Teasdale planted in the middle of a walkway of a festival. Our show then involved bringing the message of Greenpop across to festival goers who knocked on the door and passed through. The message was, help us plant plant 1000 trees in one month.

Now, five years later, Greenpop has planted more than 56 000 trees and instead of occupying a walk way they occupy a whole village! The Green Village at Rocking the Daisies has a Hemp stage with not only a handful, but dozens of artist performing there. In accordance with their morals, there were vendors like Printed Truth stall that sells 100% pure hemp clothing and fun, uplifting activities hosted by Hoop Flow love.  And of course our Bio-Friendly Fire Show and Interactive Aztec show to end the evenings celebration.

We were thrilled when Greenpop knocked on our door to invite us back to the Green Village this year to take part in the wonderful celebration. We are proud to be part of their mission to reconnect people and our planet. After all, we are nature.

Want to get involved in the Tree Revolution? Click here.


Aztec Warriors


Mercantia Festival, Italy

The founder and director of The Psychedelic Theatre is performing with Italian company, Parolabianca, at the 28th edition of the Mercantia Festival in Italy. Here Lanel van der Kolff is seen playing the part of La filatrice sogno – The dream spinner.



La filatrice sogno – The dream spinner


Ted x Cape Town 2014

Ted X Cape Town was one of the highlights of the year in 2014. Instead of doing one of our well rehearsed acts we wanted to create something new and something totally different. We were eager to let the creative juices flow and we quickly realized that with little time and too many ideas it can be difficult to create anything at all. Luckily we had master mind, Saskia Wicomb in our midst to help us put the show together. I don’t think the Ted X team really expected us to have a message in our show, but we wouldn’t be called The Psychedelic Theatre if there wasn’t something mind-manifesting about our show. With our sheep-head masks, we left it to the audience to decide what we are commenting on in “Smileys Machine”.



Smileys Machine Ted x Cape Town 2014



Smileys Machine Ted x Cape Town 2014


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